The owners of A+ Print & Promo have vast experience within the AgriBusiness (Mills & Farms), Media (TV & Newspaper), Real Estate & Home Improvement (Property & Magazines), Ad Agencies, B2B-Web 2.0, Travel-Entertainment and Car Sales-Dealership industries. Our most recent case studies are from Fly Creek Cider Mill for both Email Marketing and Search Engine Marketing. The metrics for both marketing projects are very impressive and Fly Creek has significantly driven revenue using online marketing of many types.

Customers of A+ Print & Promo (Thrasher Marketing): Jobfox, Eldorado Resorts, Dunhill Vacations, Freewebs, The Pentagon, US Congress, Bank of America, Credit Suisse First Boston, PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP, Cornell University, University of New Mexico, Johns Hopkins University, New England School of Law, Baylor College of Medicine, BYU, Duke University, University of Texas, The Ohio State University, Purdue University, Mayo Foundation, Georgia Tech, ChevronTexaco, Hitachi, Motorola and thousands more.